Saturday, December 03, 2005

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Hand 231 - Joseph Hachem has the button, he limps, and Dannenmann checks. The flop comes PartyPoker Ad-6d-5c, Dannenmann bets $400,000, and Hachem folds.
Hand 232 - Steve Dannenmann has the button, he raises to $700,000, and Hachem calls. The flop comes 6h-5d-4d, Hachem checks, Dannenmann bets $700,000, Hachem raises to $1,700,000, and Dannenmann calls. The turn card is the As, Hachem bets $2,000,000, and Dannenmann slowly raises to $5,000,000, Hachem reraises all in, and Dannenmann immediately calls. Hachem shows 7c-3s (seven-high straight), while Dannenman has Ad-3c (top pair). Dannenmann needs to catch a seven on the river to chop the pot with equal straights.
The entire crowd is on their feet as the river card comes. There are only three cards that can keep Hachem from becoming champion.
The river card is the 4c! Joseph Hachem has just become the 2005 World Series of Poker champion!
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